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With one of the largest selections of online medical, surgical, and diagnostic supplies, Medex Supply can supply your medical facility with all the necessary medical supplies to ensure a healthy, safe and sterile environment.

Over 40,000 Medical Products From Hundreds of Manufacturers


Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure Accessories Blood Pressure Cuffs Vital Signs Devices
BP/Stethoscope Combo Kits Bulbs & Valves Sphygmomanometers
Digital Blood Pressure Kits Gauges & Accessories Multicuffs

Combination Deals

Combination Package Deals


Defibrillator Accessories Defibrillator Kits Defibrillator Pads

Dental Supplies

Instruments Needles Preps and Disinfectants

Diabetic Supplies

Blood Lancets Carrying Cases Test Strips
Control Solution Diabetic Socks Meter and Test Kits
Glucose Tablets and Gels Infusion Sets Insulin Syringes

Diagnostic Supplies

Accessories & Replacement Parts Capnometers Ultrasound Equipment
Dermascopes Diagnostic Stations and Accessories Viscosurgical Devices
Ear Specula EKG Supplies Strength & Fitness Measuring Instruments
Lamps and Bulbs Neurological Diagnostic Instruments Tympanometers & Audiometers
Ophthalmic Sets Opthalmoscopes, Otoscopes & Kits Stethoscopes
Penlights Pulse Oximeters Thermometers & Covers

Diagnostic Tests

Blood & Fecal Occult Tests Cholesterol Tests PT/INR Tests
Drug and Alcohol Tests H-Pylori Tests Strep Tests & Blood Agar Plates
Influenza Tests Jaundice Accessories Reagents
Jaundice Tests Mono Tests Urine Tests
Pregnancy Tests    

Disposable Gloves

Finger Cots Glove Dispensers Powder Free Vinyl Gloves
Latex Free Surgical Gloves Latex Surgical Gloves Powdered Vinyl Gloves
Nitrile Exam Gloves Poly Gloves Powdered Latex Gloves
Powder Free Latex Gloves    

Educational Products

CD/DVD Charts & Posters Skeletons & Models
Educational Books Pellets Simulators
Science Education    

EMS Supplies

Airway Management Backboards & Straps Neck & Head Immobilizers
CPR Training Products Emergency Blankets Splints
Emergency Clean Up Kits Emergency Supplies Tourniquets
Eye Wash & Shower Safety Stations First Aid Kits & Response Bags Stretchers & Chairs
Holsters & Shear Sheaths Ring Cutters  

Environmental Solutions

Counters Accessories Particle Counters  

Exam Room Equipment

Carts Cubicle Curtains & Tracks Uncategorized
Exam Room Supplies Hampers & Laundry Washroom Accessories
Mayo & Instrument Stands Medical Lighting Vision Testing
Pressure Monitors Scales & Measuring Devices X-Ray Equipment
Towels & Drapes    

Exam Room Furniture

Cabinets Lockers Tables
Recovery Couches Seating  

Exercise Equipment

Exercise Balls & Discs Exercise Equipment Fitness Products
Exercise Machines Exercise Mats & Platforms Physical Therapy
Exercise Tables Exercise Tubing & Bands Weight Racks
Exercise Weights Hand Exercisers  

Incontinence Care

Bedwetting Alarms Briefs/Underwear Fecal Management
Enema Underpads  

Infection Control

Air Filtration Systems Biohazard Bags, Liners & Labels Sinks & Wash Stations
Disinfectant Cleaners Infection Control Kits and Liquid Solidifiers Ultrasonic Cleaners & Accessories
Isolation Carts/Stations Mildew Sealants Protective Apparel
Towelettes and Wipes    


Biopsy Punch Clamps Nasal Speculum
Clinical Instruments Ear Instruments Tongue Depressors
Laryngeal Mirrors Medicine Droppers Vaginal Specula
Nasal Olive Pessaries  

Interventional Imaging/Cath Lab

Accessories Administration Sets Inflation Devices and Kits
Angiographic II/Right Heart Kits Control Syringes Rotators
Hemostatic Y's/PCI Components High Pressure Stopcocks Manifolds
High Pressure Tubing    

IV Administration with Gloves

Control Mitts Extension Sets IV Sterile Sponges & Pads
IV Admin Supplies IV Armboards IV Poles
IV Catheter    

Labor & Delivery

Circumcision Cord Clamps and Clippers Urine Collectors
Identification Obstetrics  

Laboratory Supplies

AnaeroGen Systems Blood Collection Microscopes & Accessories
Centrifuges & Tubes Chemicals Mortars & Pestles
Chemistry Analyzers Cups, Vials & Tubes Refrigerators and Freezers
Dropping Bottles Electrochemistry Storage and Transport
Filter Paper General Chemistry Water Baths
General Laboratory Supplies Hematology Analyzers Protective Apparel
Hot Plate/Stirrers Lab Equipment Stains and Reagents
Laboratory Detergents and Disinfectants Laboratory Gloves Vial Racks
Microbiology Microtomy Water Purification

Massage Therapy

Accessories and Applicator Kits Bolsters & Cushions Percussors
Massage Creams Massage Lotions Massagers
Massage Oils    

Medical Organizers

Medical Bags Pocket Kits & Organizers  


Bassinet & Accessories Canes Walker Accessories
Crutches Powered Mobility Wheelchair Accessories
Rollators Specialty Seating Wheelchairs
Transport Chairs Walkers  

Needles & Syringes

Allergy Tray Disposable Needles Surgical Needle
Insulin Syringe & Needle Luer Lock Syringe & Needle Terumo Needles
Safety Needles Spinal Needles Syringes

NICU and Infant Care

Baby Care Calming, Soothing and Feeding Respiratory Care
Child Mobility Strollers Jaundice Management Sleep and Positioning
Monitoring Safety Solutions  

Office Supplies

CPU Stands Desk Top Accessories Office Supplies
Ergonomic Safety File and Media Storage Printer Stands
Information Organizers Literature Displays Shredders
Memo Boards Posting Trays Reference Organizers
Space Organizers, Wall Space Areas    

Orthopedic Therapy

Abdominal & Back Support Anti Embolism Stockings Pelvic and Pregnancy Support
Circulatory Assistance Electrotherapy & Fluidotherapy Sports Therapy
Foot & Ankle Support Head Support Wrist, Hand & Arm Support
Hot & Cold Therapy Kinesio Taping Pressure Management
Knee, Thigh and Calf Support Lotions & Gels Support Pillows
Neck & Shoulder Support    

Ostomy Supplies

Ostomy Adhesives/Removers Ostomy Belts Ostomy Skin Protection
Ostomy Pouches Ostomy Skin Barriers  

Patient Care

Basins, Bowls & Bedpans Beds Patient Apparel
Gait and Transfer Belts Iontophoresis / Drug Delivery Systems Patient Monitors and Alarms
Lifts Linen Post-Mortem
Mattresses Oral Care Patient Safety and Protection
Overbed Tables Patient Indentification and Wristbands Trapezes


Mobility Positioning Speech & Assistive Tech
Seating Sensory Motor  

Personal Care

Bathroom & Bathing Aids Cast & Bandage Accessories Motor Skills Therapy
Cleansers & Sanitizers Dressing Aids Pain Management
Eating Aids Enteral Feeding Recliners
Eye & Ear Care Footstools and Step Stools Skin Care
General Living Aids Hygiene Speech Aids
Impotence Maternity Care Room Deodorizers
Medication Aids Reachers Sleep Accessories
OTC Medication Veterinary  


Adaptors and Connectors Anesthesia Circuits Ventilation Systems
Asthma Management CO2 Detectors and Absorbents Oxygen Therapy
Humidifiers, CPAP and BiPAP Systems Nasal Masks and Headgear  


Personal Safety

Surgical Supplies

Accessories Compression Garments Sterilization Products
Esophageal Stethoscopes Generators Surgical Instruments
Instrument Cleansers O.R. Sheets & Towels Suture
Prep Supplies Surgical Suction Topical Anesthetics
Surgical Drapes    


Catheter Accessories Enema Bags & Accessories Specimen Collection
External Catheters Foley Catheters & Trays Urinary Drainage Bags
Irrigation Leg Bag Accessories Urethral Catheters & Trays
Leg Bags Lubricants Urine Meters
Personal Urine Management    

Wound Care

Applicators Bandage Retainers Preps & Swabs
Bandages Cryosurgery Products Sponges & Strips
Dressing Trays and Kits Dressings Tape
Gauze Pads Liquid Adhesive Swabsticks
Ointments & Solutions Pressure Relief Wound Measurement Kits

Shop Medex Supply for over 40,000 Discounted Medical Products from Hundreds of Manufacturers