Genius 2 Tympanic Thermometer with Base (68303000)

Infrared ear thermometer provides +/- 0.1 C accuracy in only 2 seconds. Peak Select technology records and analyzes up to 100 temperature measurements for each reading. Tapered probe tip facilitates proper ear canal alignment, minimizing technique-related errors and increasing patient comfort. Durable tip-based sensor construction improves accuracy, minimizing the need for recalibration. No-touch probe cover application and ejection reduce potential of cross-contamination. Programmable display shows oral, rectal, axillary and core or an absolute temperature reading in ear mode. Operates on 3- AA batteries for 15,000 measurements. ASTM and CEN compliant. 1-year full manufacturer warranty. Features: Infrared Tympanic Thermometer Fast, Two-Second Reading Accurate to +/- 0.1C Comfortable for Patient Easy to Use Programmable Display 
(Professional Thermometers) 
Item: 68303000 : 12210

Price: $562.50

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