Vaseline Petrolatum Gauze (KND8884416600)

Nonadherent, absorbent, fine mesh gauze impregnated with white petrolatum. Remains moist to minimize wound dryness and promote an optimum healing environment. Will not stick to wounds, reducing pain and trauma during dressing changes. Helps seal air leaks and unwanted fluid loss by clinging and conforming to body contours. Nontoxic, nonsensitizing and nonirritating. Sterile. Features: Impregnated with Pure White Petrolatum Remains Moist Won Stick to Wounds Nontoxic, Nonsensitizing, and Nonirritating Conforms to Body Contours Sterile 
(Gauze Impregnated) 
Item: KND8884416600 : 12355

Price: $36.78

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Covidien Sku #:11071-12355

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