Shiley XLT Extended-Length Tracheostomy Tube (MAL60XLTIN)

An economical, off-the-shelf alternative to custom tracheostomy tubes for patients with anatomical challenges. Unlike most extended-length tracheostomy tubes, Shiley XLT tubes give you the choice of extra length in the proximal or distal portions for a more customized fit. In addition, the Shiley XLT offers the convenience of a disposable inner cannula. Both the outer and inner cannulas are flexible, so they more easily conform to your patients anatomy. An easy choice for hard-to-fit patients - choose extra length in the proximal portion of the shaft to accommodate patients with full or thick necks who have increased skin-to-tracheal-wall distances. Choose extra length in the distal portion to compensate for conditions requiring extra length, such as tracheal stenosis or malacia. 
(Trach Tubes and Accessories) 
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