3M Nexcare Reusable ColdHot Pack (MMM1570)

Soft, gel-filled pillow can be used on any part of the body to provide hot or cold pain relief, generously sized at 10" x 4". Can be stored in a freezer until ready to use, remaining pliable, even when frozen. Reusable packs are a convenient, economical alternative to disposable first aid packs. Includes 2 packs and 2 covers per box. Features: Soft, Pliable, Gel-Filled Pack For Hot or Cold Therapy Use Remains Pliable, Even Frozen Reusable & Economical 
(Hot Cold Therapy) 
Item: MMM1570 : 12604

Price: $14.23

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3m Healthcare Sku #:11071-12604

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