Kit Suction Toothbrush Economy W/Bioten (MDS096571)

Sold by: Case Packaging: 100 Each/Case Treated Suction Toothbrush: The economy kit contains one Treated suction toothbrush, one .33 oz. packet of Biotene mouthwash with built-in medicine cup. Standard Oral Care Kit contains two Treated suction toothbrushes. Suction toothbrush has Treated foam on one side and super soft bristles on the other. Patented Medline Contro-Vac forward-placed valve to minimize infectious sprayback. Economy Suction Toothbrush Kit. 
(Suction Catheters) 
Item: MDS096571 : 8272

Price: $255.19

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Medline Sku #:11071-8272

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