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Drytex Hinged Air DonJoy Knee Brace Information: Taking patellofemoral bracing to the next level, DonJoy is please to introduce its very successful patellofemoral knee brace with its patented inflatable pneumatic buttresses. The Drytex Hinged Air DonJoy is uniquely designed to treat and ease the pain of patellofemoral mal-alignment, including lateral dislocation and subluxation. Adjustable straps allow for correction of patellar tilt, glide and rotation. Available in Drytex material, a neoprene alternative constructed of a unique nylon core and polyester Lycra Fabric that allows improved air flow. Unique design to treat & ease the pain of patellofemoral mal-alignment Also for patellar tendonitis, chondromalacia and lateral subluxation & dislocations Adjustable straps allow for correction of patellar tilt, glide & rotation Inflatable pneumatic buttresses for medial, lateral or full patellar support Polycentric hinges for medial and lateral stability Eliminates irritation of tape adhesives Low-cost alternative to hinged braces Drytex material for added patient comfort With popliteal cutout Cutout in the back of the brace to allow more breathability and prevent bunching Half wrap on posterior thigh for ease of application Comes in Black only Fits either left or right leg Easy to apply & adjust Indications The Drytex Hinged Air DonJoy is designed to treat patellofemoral mal-alignment, lateral subluxation and dislocation, tilt, glide, rotation of the kneecap. Goals Stabilize patella Delay surgery Decrease anti-inflammatory medications Decrease pain symptoms associates with subluxations Improve knee joint function Improve quality of life Support Level This brace is rated Level III Click here for Rating Information: - DonJoy Braces 11-0855-X-06000
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