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Townsend Rebel & Rebel Pro Ligament Knee Brace One of the premier ligament knee braces, The Townsend Rebel & Rebel Pro Ligament Knee Brace offer a custom like fit with off-the-shelf convenience.Featuring Townsends patented hinge motion, suspension and rotation control technology, these extremely low profile aircraft aluminum braces are backed by a no migration guarantee. Townsend is the only orthopedic manufacturer that offers the fit quality and value of a custom brace for a pre-sized price when you order any Rebel Series brace from three leg measurements. For disproportional legs that need to be fit with a non-custom brace, Townsends customized\ fabrication is the ideal solution. Our staff will mix and match part sizes and pre-set the width between the hinges to minimize or eliminate the need for you to make fitting adjustments. Rigid aircraft aluminum superstructure NEW ultra low profile TM5 Townsend Motion Hinges Patented suspension technology prevents brace migration (guaranteed) Only pre-sized brace you can order customized\ from three leg measurements ACL and combined instabilities models The RebelPro-TM5 is the highest strength model in our Rebel Series The Rebel-Pro is recommended for high intensity sports and heavy-duty users The Rebel-TM5 is made from a lighter aircraft aluminum, and is very rigid and durable The standard Rebel weighs 2-3 oz. less than the Pro model and is designed for non-contact sports and activities of daily living Choice of thigh and tibia shell designs Townsend Rebel & Rebel Pro Ligament Knee Brace are available in sizes XS to XXL Available in textured powder coat black or silver Choice of three lengths: 14" (57"-59"), 15" (6.0"-62") and 16" (>62") inches (most models) GROUND SHIPPING ONLY! Indications Townsend Rebel & Rebel Pro Ligament Knee Brace are designed for ligament instabilities, post-surgical stabilization and injury prevention. Goals Maximum activity Delay knee surgery Decrease anti-inflammatory medications Decrease knee pain symptoms Improve knee joint function Improve quality of life Support Level This brace is rated Level IV Click here for Rating Information: - Townsend Sports Braces Rebel
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