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Hely & Weber Uno Wrist Hand Thumb Orthosis (WHT) Information: The Hely & Weber Uno Wrist Hand Thumb Orthosis is the most popular wrist thumb brace by Hely & Weber.Versatility, comfort and durability are just some of the features of this universal sized braces. Movable stay pad makes it all possible. It adjusts for sizing to fit virtually all wrists and acts an an anchor for the hook and loop straps. Radial thumb stay is removable and adjustable Stay pocket cover prevents migration of the palmal stay Stockinette tongue covers length of brace, providing comfort and easy application 3 dorsal loop and lock closures are adjustable and trimable Brace won snug clothing because there is no exposed hookook Removable, malleable, anatomically contoured aluminum palmal stay Nylon exterior with a tricot covered foam lining for comfort and durability Universal sizing Please specify left or right Indications The Hely & Weber Uno Wrist Hand Thumb Orthosis is useful in treating the following: De Quervains Tendinitis Gamekeeper injuries Scaphoid/Navicular injuries Thumb sprains Goals Adjustability and ease of use Decrease anti-inflammatory medications Decrease pain symptoms Improve wrist joint function Restraint without limiting finger function Support Level This brace is rated Level III Click here for Rating Information: - Hely & Weber Braces 429WHT
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