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McDavid Ankle Guard Ankle Brace The McDavid Ankle Guard Ankle Brace is the brace of choice among sports medicine clinics and physicians for its heavy duty support. With the combination of support and price, this is the brace used by coaches, trainers and athletes alike. It replaces tape to support and prevent injuries. Padded Intera lining circles keeps moisture away and increases compression. Other performance and comfort features include: 3 layers of nylon/vinyl fabric, spring steel stays, notched front, elastic heel and tongue and sewn in arch. McDavid Ankle Guard Ankle Brace is low profile design allows it to fit into most athletic shoes Maximum comfort is obtained with superior fabric Fits either left or right ankle Comes in 6 different sizes Choose from 2 different colors. White or Black Comes with Plastic Inserts. No extra charge! Other websites charge extra so be aware! Indications The McDavid Ankle Guard Ankle Brace is indicated for mild to moderate ankle sprains/strains and general ankle support and compression. Goals Increase activity Prevent sprains/strains Decrease anti-inflammatory medications Decrease pain symptoms Improve joint mobility Improve endurance Support Level Click here for Rating Information: - McDavid Sports Braces A101R
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