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AirCast AirSport Ankle Brace AirCast AirSport Ankle Brace combines proven Air-Stirrup features with the unique "step-in" design and automatic heel adjustment for easy application.The most popular stirrup brace at The Brace Shop. Used by thousands of athletes offering maximum protection and comfort. Designed for the athlete or chronic sufferer of ankle sprains Contains foam-filled air cell cushions Contains semi-rigid encased shells that offer proven Air-Stirrup support Graduated, pulsating compression "milks away" swelling and edema An all purpose air stirrup for every sport Anatomically contoured shells conform closely to ankle with minimal bulk in shoe Comfort and security encourage early return to function-protected Integral forefoot and shin wraps for support ATF cross-strap for ankle stabilization Coated fabric for durability Combines proven Air-Stirrup features Unique "step-in" design and automatic heel adjustment NOW available in X Small & X Large Sizes GUARANTEED LOW PRICE! Indications Chronic Ankle Instability Acute or Chronic Ankle Injury Preventative Ankle Support Ankle Strains/Sprains Goals Stabilize ankle Prevent inversion & eversion Decrease anti-inflammatory medications Decrease pain symptoms Improve ankle joint function Improve endurance Support Level This brace is rated Level IV Click here for Rating Information: - Aircast Braces 02MXX
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