Medi USA M3 OA Arthritis Knee Brace - 520XX

Medi USA M.3 OA Arthritis Knee Brace Information: Single functional knee orthosis providing relief of uni-compartmental osteoarthritis of the knee Individually adjustable varus and valgus angles with a low profile joint; during the course of treatment the varus/valgus angles can be re-adjusted according to the healing process Pneumatic condyle pads allow minor adjustments through the day using the hand-pump supplied Light construction and simple to fit Limitation of extension 0, 10 Correction of the lateral or medial joint space using the 3-point principle Pain relief by reducing weight-bearing on the affected side of the joint Decreases further capsule irritation/synovitis Indications Conservative treatment of pronounced unilateral, medial or lateral osteoarthritis and arthritis of the knee Permanent care where surgery is contra-indicated Interim care until decision has been taken on possible surgical procedures such as correction osteotomy or knee joint replacement For weight bearing relief after surgery for medial or lateral fractures of the tibial head Goals The Medi USA M3 OA is designed to protect, stabilize and off load the medial or lateral knee compartment to reduce varus or valgus pressure Support Level This brace is rated Level IV Click here for Rating Information: - Medi USA 520XX
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