3M Scotchcast Conformable Splint, 3 X 35

Covered on one side by an air and moisture permeable non-woven fabric and on the other side by polypropylene felt, which serves as padding. The felt is hypoallergenic, water repellent, and absorbs 60% less water than other splints; which means less water against patient's skin. The conformable splint comes pre-cut and is available in a variety of prefabricated, individually pouched sizes. This low-profile, pre-padded splint is priced comparably to fiberglass roll splints and is more portable and faster to apply. Exposure of the splints to moisture or water initiates a chemical reaction that causes the splints to become rigid. A finished splint is lightweight, strong and more radiolucent than plaster. Benefits: Low-profile, one-sided felt padding is less bulky so it molds more easily to the patient for a closer, more conformable fit. All-in-one splint allows for easy application and time savings. Faster application increases patient turnaround. Patented hypoallergenic, water-repellent felt padding dries much more quickly than standard padding for less water against patient's skin and reduced chance of maceration. Provides strong, lightweight support in minutes to encourage early patient mobility. Priced comparably to fiberglass roll splints and faster to apply than plaster or roll splints for greater cost effectiveness. Less messy than plaster splints for easy application and faster cleanup. Suggested Applications: For use in the construction of common orthopedic splints
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Item: 3M-72335

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