Atos Medical Provox LaryButton, 14/8

Features of the Atos Medical Provox Lary. Button: The Provox Lary. Button is a short, self-retaining silicone tracheal cannula. It maintains the opening of the tracheostoma and acts as a holder for other rehabilitation devices of the Provox System including the regular HME cassettes and Provox Free. Hands HME. The main difference between the Lary. Button and Lary. Tube is that the Lary. Button is self-retaining to the stoma. Once inserted, it remains in position, taking advantage of the tissue elasticity of the tracheal opening which helps to hold it in place and provide an airtight seal. Of course it also helps to prevent the tracheostoma from shrinking. If needed, wings which are attached to the outer rim of the Provox Lary. Button may be used to secure the button with a Provos Lary. Clip or Provox Tube. Holder in order to avoid accidental dislodgment. The Provox Lary. Button is particularly well-suited for patients with a circumferential skin fold around the tracheostoma (so called ""lip""), however other users may also benefit. The Provox Lary. Button is constructed from soft silicon material and is atraumatically shaped to reduce negative side-effects such as stoma irritation and bleeding. 14mm OD, 8mm Long.
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