Bio Med Wash Eye Wash Magazine Wall Dispenser With 24 7oz Silver cans

BIO MED WASH® First Aid Sterile Wash for Eyes and Skin * Safely remove irritating chemicals from skin and eyes * Washes dirt and other contaminants from cuts and lacerations without saline * The non-saline alternative remains sterile even under unsanitary conditions Why first aid experts prefer BIO MED WASH: * All-natural, safe, sterile, convenient, non-allergenic, saline-free, propellant-free, and additive-free. * Benefits wound management, wherever standard first aid calls for washing the affected area in tap water or saline solution. * Excellent for cleansing cuts, abrasions and minor burns, softening and removing particulate matter and crusted exudates, and moisturizing traumatized skin. * Helps cleanse, soothe and dilute harmful liquid chemicals, such as pepper spray or tear gas that has come in contact with skin or eyes. * Moisturizes dehydrated skin and eyes. * Contains p. H balanced, hypotonic Bio- Logic Aqua tissue-culture grade of water, and proven ideal for skin and eye application. * May be applied as often as desired. * Gentle enough for children. * Free from additives, chemicals, preservatives, propellants and buffers. * Compatible with all other first aid products. * Four-year shelf-life. For use by: Emergency Room physicians and nurses. Emergency Medical Technicians. Home and shop first aid kits. Employer first aid kits. Police and corrections officers. Forest fire fighters. Military personnel and medics. Product Benefits and Features: Helps wash toxins, contaminants, and irritants. Improves natural defenses, moisturizes and promotes clotting and healing. Ideal wash for skin and eyes. Compatible with all other first aid products. Safe, sterile, and quickly applied even under unsanitary conditions. Free from additives, salinity, chemicals, preservatives and buffers. Emergency eye irrigant = stimulates all-natural wash of chemical particulate irritants.
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