G5 Flimm-Fighter Percussion Massager, Pediatric/Geriatric

G5 Flimm Fighter Percussion Massager Unit Advantages: Ideal for COPD, Cystic Fibrosis, Bronchiectasis, Chronic Bronchitis, Atelectasis, Asthma, and Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia patients needing postural drainage. Extremely lightweight, the Flimm- Fighter handle weighs less than 1 pound. Speed: 20 - 30 cycles per second. Can be used with our self application kit* and the Vari- Tilt body positioner. Flimm Fighter Specifications: The G5 Flimm- Fighter Percussor is the optimum percussor for effective postural drainage at home. The Flimm- Fighter incorporates Directional- Stroking action that helps loosen congestive materials and then moves them into the upper airways, thus promoting airway clearance. The red arrow on the head of the Flimm- Fighter shows the user the direction that the loosened materials are moving inside the body. The ultra-light applicator head, weighing less than one pound, allows a patient to effortlessly receive or self-administer therapy, as it is designed for use with our self application pillow*. The continuously-variable speed range of 20 - 30 cycles per second ensures that patients receive safe, thorough treatment. Comes with applicators 250, 251, 253 & 254. A pediatric version is also available. Technical Specifications: Motor - 1/35 horsepower. Output Speed - 20-30 cycles per second. Power Source - 110v or 220v. Speed Control - Solid State Electronic. Current Leakage - under 75 Micro. Amps. Power Cord - 10’ hospital grade. Drive Cable - 5’. Housing Material - ABS Cycolac. Configurations - Table-top mounted. Unit Dimensions - 10""? H x 4""? W x 4""? D. Applicator Packages - Includes AP250, AP252, AP253, AP234.
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