Grafco Infant Manual Resuscitator

Features of the Grafco Infant Manual Resuscitator: Ready, easy to use, individually packaged, device. Designed with comfort grip for ease of handling. Low resistance one-way valve minimizes risk of cross contamination. Oxygen inlet allows product to be used with bag or any standard oxygen equipment 60cm H2O Pop off valve for Adult, 40 cm for Child and Infant sizes. Comes complete with: Resuscitator bag (Adult — 1500 ml, Child — 550 ml, Infant — 280 ml), Intake valve, Air cushioned mask (Adult - size 5, Child — size 3, Infant — size 1), Reservoir set (Adult and Child - 2500ml, Infant — 600 ml) and 7’ oxygen tubing. Instructions included. Latex- Free. Product Specifications: Weight: .67 lb. Inspiratory resistance <3 cm. H20 @ 50 LPM. Expiratory resistance <3 cm. H20 @ 50 LPM. Operating temperature -18° C ~ 50° C. Storage temperature -40° C ~ 60° C.
EMS Supplies > Airway Management > Disposable Resuscitators (BVMs)
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