J & J Cidex OPA Solution, Liquid High Level Disinfectant, 1 Gallon, Each

Features of the J & J Cidex OPA Solution: Nothing is better for expensive endoscopes and other medical devices than CIDEX OPA Solution (0.55% ortho-phthalaldehyde), a non-glutaraldehyde solution for disinfection of flexible endoscopes and other medical devices. In fact, CIDEX OPA Solution is one of the gentlest reprocessing options available, which means it can substantially reduce instrument damage and repair costs. What’s more, CIDEX OPA Solution has been shown to be a better investment than glutaraldehyde or peracetic acid not only because of its speed and efficiency, but also because of its environmental safety. Combined, these factors explain why CIDEX OPA Solution makes both clinical and economic sense for facilities seeking a more cost-efficient option for instrument reprocessing. Increase Speed and Efficiency: * Rapid 5-minute immersion time at a minimum of 25° C in an automatic endoscope reprocessor. (When used or reused in a legally marketed automatic endoscope reprocessor that can be set to a minimum of 25° C according to the directions for use.) * Efficient 12-minute soak time at room temperature (20° C) for manual reprocessing. * Schedule more procedures with quick scope turnaround. * Improve staff productivity. * Effective against glutaraldehyde-resistant mycobacteria. Improve Flexibility: * Reprocesses more devices per gallon than glutaraldehyde. * No activation or mixing required. * For use in both automated and manual reprocessing. * 2-year shelf life and 75-day open-bottle shelf life. Enhanced Safety: * Glutaraldehyde-free; a nonirritant. * Virtually odorless due to low vapor pressure. * No special venting or air monitoring required. Reduced Instrument Damage and Repair: * Offers material compatibility. * Noncorrosive. * Gentler on flexible scopes than peracetic acid.
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