Meyer G5 Vibracare Hand Held Massager, Pediatric

Features of the G5 Vibracare Massager: Massage Action: Hand- Held Percussion. Power Source: AC power. The portable, lightweight G5 Pediatric Vibracare Handheld Massager is durable, hand-held percussor used in respiratory therapy applications. Totally self-contained, and weighing less than 3 Pounds, it provides optimal freedom of movement and portability with a 10 foot hospital grade power cord. This model may be used with a variety of applicators and has a continuously-variable speed range of 20 to 50 cycles per Second. This combination of applicators and speeds provides for a highly-versatile treatment range. It is the only hand-held percussor/massager to be granted C.S.A's highest medical operational rating. It has comfortable soft rubber hand grip and used as an adjunct for postural drainage. It comes with applicators 250, 251, 253 and 234D(5) applicator.
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Item: MEY-GEN171P

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