Ozark Express Pack, Steramine Quaternary Sanitizer 10 Express Packs

Steramine Quaternary Sanitizer Master Pack Includes: 10 Express Packs Why Replace Bleach Solution with STERAMINE? Steramine is a 200ppm Quaternary Sanitizer, disinfectant, and deodorizer that is used in Childcare and Educational Facilities, Restaurants, Health Care Institutions, Schools, Food Processing Plants, Hotels, and for general disinfection in Hospitals. We also recommend STERAMINE to clean the outside and inside system of our Ozark River Portable Sinks. Eliminate Daily Mixing! Mix a one-ounce Steramine packet with water in our four-gallon dispensing container. You can apportion solution until completely used, unlike chlorine mixtures which dissipate, requiring daily mixing. Stain Free Sanitizing! Differing from concentrated chlorine, Steramine will not cause staining on clothing, rugs or other porous or non-porous surfaces. Steramine has a fresh, clean scent. Proper Concentration Levels! Steramine is supplied in pre-measured packets. Our portion control packets allow for precise blending to prevent over or under concentration of solution. Quaternary test strips assure proper levels. Less Storage Space! Store the pre-measured packets and mix when needed. One, Express Pack makes forty gallons of 200 p.p.m. quaternary sanitizing solution, requiring less shelf space.
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