Rusch Maloney Esophageal Bougie with Tapered Tip, 26Fr, 30 Long, Each

Features of the Conforming Rusch Maloney Esophageal Bougie with Tapered Tip: Rusch bougies, for esophageal dilation, are available in both Hurst and Maloney styles. Designed with silicone casings for easy insertion when wetted with sterile water. The dry areas of the casing remain tacky to allow for a sure grip. Weighted with Tungsten for easy disposal when necessary. The end cap has a permanent french size marking for easy identification. Specifications: Depth Markings. Radiopaque throughout entire length. Easy Disposal. Clear marking along the side of the bougie Silicone material becomes slippery when wetted with sterile water, no addition lubrication required. Maloney taper is gradual and smooth. Available in a full range of sizes.
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Item: RUS-215026

Price: $172.00

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