SlimLine Breathable Brief

The Slim. Line Breathable Brief features a soft cloth-like outer layer with breathable sides that allow air to circulate around the body and promote skin health. Its micro-hook closure tabs with finger lift-tips grip the soft cloth securely and allow multiple openings. The peach mat construction assures skin dryness, p. H neutralization and odor control. This brief features dual wetness indicators and Kufguards for containing bowel incontinence and preventing leakage. PU is a replacement for TRA. PU2306 is a replacement for TRA2306. PU2307 is a replacement for TRA2307. 
Item: 2305 (PU2305/CA)

Retail Price: $118.89

Price: $81.99

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Tranquility Sku #:27041-PU2305/CA

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