Neonatal Tracheostomy Tubes

The Neonatal Tracheostomy Tubes is made of a soft flange material for added comfort and features a lower flange angle to improve fit in infant patients. It has a recessed area behind the connector and soft flange material to offer greater comfort and fit for pediatric patients. Each tube comes with its own obturator with smooth, rounded-tip to facilitate insertion. This is designed for use to bypass upper airway obstructions, support and manage tracheal/bronchial secretions and provide long term ventilation. SH35NEO is a replacement for MAL35NEO. SH is a replacement for MAL. SH40NEO is a replacement for MAL40NEO. 
Item: 30NEO (SH30NEO/EA)

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Price: $63.99

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Mallinckrodt Sku #:27041-SH30NEO/EA

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