WaterSafe Instant - Lead in Drinking Water Test Kit

This is the one drinking water test kit you need to test the water quality in your house. It is easy to use, trust worthy and provides accurate instant results. Although lead poisoning can affect anybody, younger children remain the number one risk group for the negative effects of lead. High lead levels in bloodstream reduce attention span, lead to learning difficulties and delayed physical development. In adults, lead levels in the blood stream can raise blood pressure and increase the risk of stroke and kidney disease. Three main sources for lead contamination in the home are: Lead in Paint Lead in Gasoline Lead in Water Drinking water is a large source of lead contamination especially in the developed world. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that more than 40 million Americans use water that contains excess levels of lead. The problem exists almost entirely in your own home. The longer water remains in contact with lead pipes or solder, the more lead it picks up. Also, the higher the level of acidity in your water, the more lead it will dissolve. Watersafe Instant is the premium lead in water test kit. Using this screening water in lead test kit, within a few minutes you will know if you will have to worry about the water quality in your home or workplace for lead exposure. 
(Lead : Lead in Water) 

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