Cool Downz - Keep Cool Down All Day

Stay Cool All Day Long! * Stylish Cool Downz small thing will help you work or play * You can wear Cool Downz as a headband or neckband * To activate Cool Downz you need just to add some water * Cool Downz is reusable and reversible * Absolutely non-toxic and safe for any ages Very simple to prepare and apply CoolDownz comfort keeper: 1. Dip the CoolDownz band in cold water for 10-15 minutes (do not over-hydrate) 2. Press out surplus of water and allocate crystals consistently within channels inside of CoolDownz 3. Wear CoolDownz band around neck or head, take turns sporadically for cooling boost 4. Re-soak or refrigerate to re-cold and reuse. DO NOT FREEZE! 
Item: cooldownz

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