Digital Alcohol Breathalyzer - AlcoHAWK Breath Alco Tester

NEW! Breath Alcohol Tester - AlcoHawk! AlcoHawk Alcohol Digital Breath Analyzer was designed to recognize the level of alcohol in the blood through your breath. This pocket size alcohol detector uses modern technology with Sensor Recognition Technology and has obtained FDA 510K premarket clearance. * AlcoHawk Alcohol Digital Breathalyzer simple and easy to use. * Displays level of alcohol in blood with range: 0.00% BAC, 0.40% BAC * The accurate alcohol sensor provides accuracy +- 0.01% at 0.02% * AlcoHawk Alcohol Digital Breath Tester use the 2 AA batteries (Not Included) * Operating temperature for AlcoHawk Breathalyzer 50-104F. * Electronic air flow sensor to improve breath capture quality. * Blowing time 5 seconds and recovery time 10-60 seconds. 
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