EtG / EtS Urine Alcohol Testing Laboratory Service

EtG / EtS Urine Alcohol Testing Laboratory Service Detects alcohol intake up to 80 hours after consumption Product Description: Urine based laboratory test that detects the metabolites of alcohol (EtG/EtS) for up to 80 hours after consumption Ideal for zero tolerance treatment programs and abstinence enforcement EtG/EtS tests may be run conveniently with other RTL drug screens Lab results in 48 to 72 hours Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance which the human body processes at a rate of (approximately) 1 drink per hour. When alcohol is absorbed by the body, it metabolizes and creates ethyl glucuronide which is detectable for up to 80 hours after consumption, regardless of the individuals prior drinking history. Using our EfG/EtS urine alcohol testing laboratory service will increase the accuracy and detection time greatly and is a great alternative to the alcohol urine test. Instructions : Have donor provide urine sample in collection cup Use syringe to collect 15cc to 30cc of the urine sample Cap the syringe securely and place label from bottom of Chain of Custody form on the syringe. Place syringe in outside pocket of biohazard bag Peel away adhesive on top of bag and seal Mail the sample to the laboratory in the enclosed pre-addressed envelope Additional Information: Due to the fact that alcohol impairs motor coordination and reaction time, a person in such a state of intoxication is forbidden to drive a car or truck, as well as, operating other machinery. There are situations when, after the accident has occurred, the perpetrator will disappear to avoid an alcohol test. If more than 12-24 hours have passed, common breath or saliva based alcohol tests will not detect traces of alcohol, but our ETG-ETS laboratory test will identify if the offender has ETG/ETS in their body for up to 80 hours after the incident. 
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