Akton Polymer Professional Bed Pad

The Akton Polymer Professional Bed Pad is a 7/8 inch thick, 100% Akton Polymer mattress overlay pad for providing pressure relief. The pad is used by hospitals and long term care facilities used to cover an isolated area of an existing standard mattress. People with arthritis will find the pad provides exceptional comfort and pressure relief.The Akton Polymer Professional Bed Pad has been a significant component in prevention and treatment of decubitus ulcers in hospitals and long term care facilities. The Akton viscoelastic polymer will not migrate like gels and does not promote bacterial growth. This is a non-returnable hygiene item.Akton Polymer Professional Bed Pad Specifications:Measures: 17 inches wide, 27 inches long, 7/8 inch thick.Material: 100% smooth Akton polymer.Shipping: UPS Ground. 
( For Your Comfort > True Gel Cushions) 
Item: CAC6100

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