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The end result of pregnancy and delivery is wonderful. Just ask any joyful mom, assuming you can pull her attention away from her baby boy or girl.But during pregnancy? That’s when her body is changing, affecting her posture and causing back strain or pain. After delivery, she can’t wait to get her old body back.During those pregnancy and post-partum periods, Better Binder – a pregnancy belly support belt -- can help.  Better Binder  supports the belly and back, stabilizing excessive joint motion in the pelvis. It adapts  well to changing shapes before and after delivery. For the post-partum mom, the belt helps remodel the belly.It can even be worn by men needing support for their belly and back.Better Binder’s pregnancy belly support belt provides  comfort when  sitting and even eating. Wear it all day and even at night. Unlike one piece, non-conforming binders, Better Binder fastens top to bottom.Better Binder can be worn over clothing or over underwear (but not directly over a wound).The latex-free elastic is soft but strong, with perfect stretch. Edges won’t cut in or fold over.Washing Instructions: Hand wash. Hang to dry.INSURANCE REIMBURSEMENTThe Better Binder is reimbursable. Use code L0621, L0600 or L0500. Please be sure to send your web order confirmation to your insurance company for proof of payment. Core Products International, Inc. does not bill your insurance directly. 
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Abdominal Binder
Abdominal Binder