Ventopedic Palm Aid

The Ventopedic Palm Aid has a firm center roll with a soft adjustable strap. This hand positioning aid is designed to prevent skin breakdown in the palm for individuals who have a closed hand or due to a stroke or other disability. It is made of Ventopedic fabric which eliminates odors generally caused by moisture related bacterial growth in a contracted hand. The center cylinder prevents the hand from closing completely and prevents the fingers from causing sores n the palm of the hand. The Ventopedic Palm Aid is designed to fit either the right or the left hand. It is available in 4 sizes and roll circumferences: Extra Small has a 4 inch cylinder circumference, 1 inch cylinder diameter and 5 inch cylinder length. Small has a 5 inch cylinder circumference, 1.5 inch cylinder diameter, 5 inch Cylinder Length. Medium has a 5.5 inch cylinder circumference, 2 inch cylinder diameter, 5 inch cylinder length. Large has a 6 inch cylinder circumference, 2.5 inch cylinder diameter, 6 inch cylinder length. Ventopedic Palm Aid Specifications: Ventopedic Fabric Content: 90% Polyester, 10% Cotton, Latex Free. Ventopedic Fabric Care: Machine Washable 160 167F (71 75 C) Drying Temperature 220 F. Fits: Left or Right hand. Made in: Canada.  
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Item: CTM502

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