Silipos Gel Ankle Sleeve

The Silipos Gel Ankle Sleeve cushions and protects the lateral and medial malleolae of the ankle. This support sleeve also provides mild compression to help reduce swelling around the ankle.The Silipos Gel Ankle Sleeve has two gel pads on either side that comfortably conform over the ankle to cushion and protect the malleolae while moisturizing the skin. When worn inside lower leg braces, high top shoes, or boots the sleeve protects the ankle against discomfort, blisters, and rubbing. This latex free, hypoallergenic gel sleeve is washable and reusable.Silipos Gel Ankle Sleeve Specifications:Material: Latex free.Size: One size fits most.Measures: 3.5 inches wide, 6.5 inches long, 10 inches long when stretched.Care: Hand wash, air dry.Made in: USA. 
( For Your Comfort - Silipos Gel Solutions) 
Item: CSI515

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